First month of business, phew!

It's been quite a long and busy past month but definately a great experience! I've finally finished (and survived!) my first round of exams in all my classes, thank goodness! Now that my site is beginning its second month of business and i'm over the first exam hill, i'm going to be submitting my site to even more people/places over the course of this month as well as try to find some new support of course! Just for easy reference and so my readers dont have to go back through all my blog postings, here is a summary of press events I had in this last month (click the name to view):

Interview with Fox 10 News

The State Press

@West News (My article on page 10 of this PDF newspaper copy)

I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on any exciting stuff that I come across, for now i'm off to work to get my name out there on the extremely vast world wide web!