Interview with Cronkite News!

Started off this morning by having a 'working' interview with Cronkite News! Well working with my family while doing the interview that is! Just click here to check it out! Also included in the interview was G Dental Studio! Here's a pretty cool picture I was able to get that includes myself, Dr. Gonzales, and his office manager (and wife) Brenda.

Getting a picture with the owners of G Dental Studio!

Thanks again G Dental Studio for your support!


Back to school

Spring break sure was fun and relaxing! Got to see a gun show and go to a free air show! Today i'm officially going back to school to finish off the semester. To kick off the first week back, i've started something a little different as well...I now have an Ebay listing for ad space! That's right! Ad space being sold...or bid off on Ebay! To start, I have listed an entry to sell one 10x10 pixel block from the bottom two rows of the pyramid starting at half price! You can find the Ebay listing here!

Time to head off to school and work for the rest of the day, hopefully it will be an easy transition back into everything! :)

Another site update!

The second update is officially up! I've got these awesome new little buttons on my website in the top right hand corner where you can now access my social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube!

An interesting quick fact about the site:

In less than 2 months i've had visitors come to my site from over 15 different countries around the world!

Youtube video launched!

Alright, got everything finished and in place sooner than I thought! I would now like to announce...Pyramid of Pixels Youtube video! It's a commercial I made with the help of my family and friends to let even more people know about what i'm doing!

See the Youtube video yourself here!

I still have another pretty neat update coming real soon also, stay tuned! :)

Spring Break!

First official day of spring break! The midterms I had made it feel like last week just wouldnt end! It's finally here though, a nice week long break to....well relax a bit and get busy with some exciting stuff coming to the site soon! If you have not seen already, I now have a Twitter page for my site, feel free to follow me and send me a tweet here!

I'm working on something that I hope everyone will like, it is something different that I am trying to get more people to see my site! It will be up here this weekend sometime along with another cool update i'm excited about early this coming week.  I will be busy finishing it up and of course i'll give an update when it is all launched!

First month of business, phew!

It's been quite a long and busy past month but definately a great experience! I've finally finished (and survived!) my first round of exams in all my classes, thank goodness! Now that my site is beginning its second month of business and i'm over the first exam hill, i'm going to be submitting my site to even more people/places over the course of this month as well as try to find some new support of course! Just for easy reference and so my readers dont have to go back through all my blog postings, here is a summary of press events I had in this last month (click the name to view):

Interview with Fox 10 News

The State Press

@West News (My article on page 10 of this PDF newspaper copy)

I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on any exciting stuff that I come across, for now i'm off to work to get my name out there on the extremely vast world wide web!

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