@West News article

It has definately been a busy last two weeks at ASU for me with exams coming at me from every which way, trying to take me down when I least suspect it! Well it feels that way at least, but in reality it has not been too bad. It just so happens that every class i'm signed up for has an exam around this time. My version definately gave it that action feel though! Of course exams have not been the only thing going on (fortunately!), @West News has also published their paper that has an article of my site included! You can see or even download the PDF format of this newspaper here!

Fox 10 news

Today I am very excited to have been featured in the Fox 10 news 6 o'clock! You can view my article and video by clicking here. Also feel free to read my article in the State Press here.


Exciting stuff!

What a busy week! Interview with @west went great! Speaking of which, I was also contacted by The State Press for an interview that I did on Wednesday, and I am featured in their paper that came out today! I was also contacted by Fox 10 news this morning and I have a live interview with them today and I’m scheduled to be in their 6 o’clock news! Super exciting stuff all around, I’m really happy with all the support I’ve been getting! All in all it’s been a pretty busy week with school, exams, and work…phew!

A little more about me

One question I am sure a lot of people may have is if I’m really who I say I am. So to ease minds that I’m really the 21 year old ASU student I claim to be, here is this.

Me posing at ASU (Arizona State University) West campus.

So that's me on ASU West campus where I currently am taking classes this semester. My major is over on the Tempe or Main campus so I switch between the two depending on what times the classes are offered every semester.



This coming week won’t be just any regular busy school week for me. I’ve got an interview for the @west ASU newspaper on Tuesday! They’d like to do an article on my site in their coming paper! Exciting stuff! I will post an update about the interview and more details later next week!

Second week!

It is now the second week my site has been up and I’m really excited! A new Paypal image is now displayed on the checkout page that gives more instruction to make the process even easier! I’m working on some exciting things for the site and I’ll post those in some future posts!

First space purchased!

First sale today! Whoo hoo!

A very big thank you to G Dental Studio for your purchase! Your support has definitely put a huge smile on my face! Speaking of smiles, if you’re looking for a friendly and professional staff to get you that glamorous smile or maintain the one you already have…look no further!

In other news my Pyramid of Pixels Facebook page is up and running, and you can find it simply by searching Pyramid of Pixels in the Facebook search box!

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